“The New Normal has Arrived!” How to change, survive, and prosper!

Andy newest book “WE’RE TIPPING OVER”
‘The Urgency to Rethink Government, Business, Heart, and Soul’
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Andy Feld Speaking

"I had the pleasure of listening to Andy speak at the MPI South Florida Summit and it was as if someone had hit the "recharge" and "boost" buttons of my life. Everything Andy spoke about was relevant to everyone in that room, no matter their age, stage in career or life experiences. Andy Feld is now on my list of "must attend" seminars at any conference."

- Juliet Quintero, director of communications, Mix on Wheels, mobile entertainment vehicles

Books and Speaking

Andy’s recent seminar and workshop:

“Why the current Financial Crisis is a wonderful wake-up call”

"Andy made our event! In his presentation Andy gave the actual tools to “do” the very things to create the life and work that we want…The wake up call is awesome. Thank you Andy Feld!!!"

Terri Hill PHR
Society for Human Resource Management
Idaho Falls, Idaho


“Thanks Andy. I think you have a great message for my audience and America.”

    Bobby Gunther Walsh 790 WAEB Radio Lehigh Valley, Pa.


Andy is an expert and speaks on the following subjects

1)“The New Normal, thriving in difficult times”: Why the economic crisis and rapidly changing landscape is our biggest wake-up call ever. How to create prosperity and happiness in the face of this uncertainty.
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TV Appearances

Andy Feld TV 1

Andy visits Colorado and Company to talk about thinking positively around the Holidays and the New Year.

Andy Feld TV 1

Andy visits Colorado and Company for Valentines Day to give advice on both old and new relationships.

Andy Feld TV 1

Andy visits Colorado and Company for Fathers Day and gets a surprise visit from his son.

Andy Feld TV 1

In Andy's third interview with Colorado and Company, he discusses his latest advice on becoming and staying happy in life.

Andy Feld does more than give us the keys to success in terms that we can understand; he gives us the philosophy that if followed faithfully, will undoubtedly make a difference in your professional and personal life. His engaging and enthusiastic teaching style, along with his vast sales know-how makes him a must for any organization.

Karen Hobson
AVP. Chase Home Equity

Andy Feld has provided an insightful point of view that has made many of the troublesome aspects of my life less of a deterrent and easier to resolve.  Since reading this book, I'm happier and I view my goals as more attainable.  This is a must read for all!!!

Darby M. Wesley
Denver, Co

What a great book! Easy reading and very informative. This is all my family talks about; everybody owes it to themselves and their loved ones to work at being happy. Andy, thank you so much for opening my eyes to so much I take for granted. We all could use some of your coaching.

Marc Gelman
Livingston, New Jersey


Andy Feld TV 1

Andy Feld made our viewing audience very happy when he appeared on KUSA-TV's "Colorado and Company." A spirited man who smiles no matter what the topic and it is a sincere disposition that radiates through the television screen and in person. Andy has at heart the essence of happiness and conveys that well to the electronic audience with his open personality and aspiration to see everyone HAPPY. We will welcome Andy Feld back on the show to make us all smile from ear to ear.

Dreux DeMack
Executive Producer, Colorado and Company


Andy Feld TV 1

Andy was invited back to "Colorado and Company" for a second time to offer relationship advice for Valentines Day. Andy and his wife Julie talk with the "Colorado and Company" hosts about how to achieve a successful relationship and give advice for finding love.

Andy’s style is totally engaging and his message appeals to a broad base of people. We look forward to hosting Andy again in the near future as The Simple Happy message spreads.

Stephen Bedford
Edwards, Col.